Friday, September 24, 2010

Uhm... DUH!

Tonight, as I signed into my Windows Live account, the little "Today" window popped up and the headline was a link to this article about how fat kids are discriminated against by everyone, even, sometimes, their parents. ((Note: I didn't read many of the comments and I wouldn't really suggest reading them either, though a few were positive. Sanity Points needed in order to view.))

Well, the title of my post today kind of sums up my thoughts. "Duh." Yeah. Of course fat kids are discriminated against. You, dear, sweet media, help in the persecution and stereotyping of fatties. Thank you for being part of the problem and then going "O my god! I can't believe these people are discriminated against!"

The big deal in the article is the idea that fat kids are discriminated against by their parents. This is an ugly thought. I've been fat my whole life and am lucky enough to have a very loving family as well as a family in which all members share my basic body type. Nonetheless, I still felt pressure from my parents to lose weight. I still felt that my body was my fault. I still went on diet after diet with my mom and when one would fail and we'd start another one the same conversation echoed between us:

Mom: So what do you think about this program?

Me: I like it.

Mom: Yeah. Think this is the one?

Me: Yeah, I really do.

Mom: I think you're old enough to really put effort into it this time. I don't think you were ready to lose weight before.

Me: Yeah. This one will make me lose weight.

Every. Single. Time. And guess what? Nothing worked. Finally I stopped and decided to try something really different: Loving myself. And that's been the best thing I've ever done. Unfortunately, though my mom is proud of me for loving my body and being comfortable in my skin, she can not or refuses to do the same, and that's really disheartening. I love my mother. My mommy is the most- THE MOST- beautiful woman I know. Yes, it's cliché, but there are no other words for how I see my mother. She has taught me so much, made me so strong, been a friend when I needed one but never stopped being a mother, but she doesn't see herself as beautiful as I do, and that's heartbreaking to me.

Anyway, enough with my sentimental rambling, back to the article... I'm sure many, many children are discriminated against by their parents because of their weight, and if not their parents, other members of their family. That is extremely fucked up to the umpteenth degree. When will the hate stop and the love start? When?

Just so you know: I love you!

Big smiles!
-Lexie Di.

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