Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hiatus Officially Over And a Fat Ass Tune!

You know what drives me crazy? When bloggers I enjoy reading just up and stop posting!

Hah! Heh... Yeah. *sheepish grin*

Anyway, I've been gone for a long while... I'll give you this time to yell at me, I deserve it...




Done? Okay! Well, life happens. And I'm sure you'll hear more on that from me.

Future topics?

Every fatty's favorite, Richard Simmons. (I feel like it's mandatory to have exclamation points, so... !!!)

Street harassment.

Clothes store reviews and issues with plus-sized clothes.

My trip to England and fat talks with my boyfriend.

Of course, because I'm random, these will be in no particular order.

I'm looking to blog more often, you lucky readers, you. So tune in! Same bat-time! Same bat-channel!

Now, for your listening pleasure, Bouncer, by Studio Killerz.

Why is this a Fat Ass Tune? One word. Cherry. Cherry is the singer of this virtual band... and she's fat! When you can make your lead singer look like anything you want, it's pretty awesome when you make her a chub.

May not be safe for work due to language and some images.

Big Smiles!