Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Will There Be Fat-Bashing?

Why yes! There will be fat-bashing!

That's pretty much what my health professor told me.

After the first class, I waited for the room to clear and I asked simply "Will there be a lot of fat-bashing in this class?"

"Not until the section on weight management." Great. A whole section for fat-bashing!

So we spoke. And I told him that I would argue with him and asked him not to throw me out of class.

To be honest, I'm worried. Really worried. I'm questioning whether or not to even go to those classes, for my own sanity. But, at the same time, I want to be there to fight the fat-hate propaganda.

He made a fat joke once during the first class (it's only an hour class) and mentioned it a total of 3 times.

Oh, I'm in to be hated in this class.


Big Smiles!


  1. This will be an excellent opportunity to hone your verbal retort skills. Be respectful, present evidence, stand your ground. The other option is to sit by meekly and listen to his crap. You're fierce, you can take a stand and do so in a way that makes a small difference in your corner of the world.

    Do it, record it, share it. Kick some ass, Lexie!


  2. How are things progressing in the class?

  3. Things aren't going that badly, actually. The teacher actually asked me to explain my position on fat and body love to the class as well as a brief explanation of HAES. He also said that if you're eating right and are active you "can make all the risks from obesity almost null." This wasn't exactly what I wanted, but compared to what I've been through with teachers, it's pretty awesome.

    I recently got the text book, however, and that's far from encouraging... It has a whole section on how awesome the BMI is. Honestly.


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