Monday, August 2, 2010

My Thoughts on "Fat" and "Obese."

Apparently, in the UK, doctors are going to be calling their larger patients fat instead of obese. When my boyfriend (who lives in the UK) told me about this, I pretty much just rolled my eyes. To me, the word "fat" isn't a bad word. I use it freely and usually don't touch the word "obese."

But my real question is, what do they think that will do? Honestly. What?

My idea of what they think will happen with the change:

Doctor: Ma'am, you're... fat.

Fatty: *gasp* I... I'm what? No, doctor... NO! Tell me it isn't so! I... I never noticed. I... *looks down at her body* AAAAAGH! I am! *sobbing* Please doctor... tell me how to fix it!

What would happen if it were me:

Doctor: Lexie, you're... fat.

Me: *smiles sarcastically* And what test did you perform to come to that surprising conclusion, doctor? You must have been at the head of your class with insight like that. Genius. Really.

O yes, I could easily be that snarky to a doctor.

I want people... whomever comes across this blog, to remember that doctors work for you. You employ them. You pay them. Don't get pushed around. Don't get pressured into things you don't want to do. They are doctors, yes. One would hope that they have the best in mind for you. But they're human. Some doctors are jerks and many are biased. Trust yourself more than anyone and don't take the hate and venom from anyone, no matter what his or her title is.

Big Smiles!


  1. Nothing worse than hearing a Doctor say over and over You're Obese.

  2. Totally. I'm not stupid. They repeat it like I don't own a mirror, like I don't touch my own body.

    "Yeees... and you're rather tall, Doctor."


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