Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today in the Fat World.

Today in the fat world, I commented on a friend's Facebook page about how upsetting it was that she "liked" the fat-hating page "There's a Weight Limit on Leggings & Skinny Jeans" her boyfriend was quick to comment on how proud of her he was. Well, here's the conversation thus far... she's yet to say anything about it.

Edit: More!

For the record, as I explain above, I'm not comparing the horrid mistreatment, discrimination and murder of the Jews to the discrimination of fat people; I'm only expressing an idea that keeping someone from wearing something is much like forcing them to wear something.

Edit: Even more! Plus, a new friend!

Edit: Now, it's getting tiring.. I don't know why this new guy thinks I insulted his little cousin even though I don't even know him or his cousin. He obviously didn't read my whole post and doesn't understand sarcasm. *sigh* Really, I wonder about people.

Edit: The end!

After this, her boyfriend joined in again telling me that I was "owned" and to "shut the fuck up." I said that my original post had nothing to do with them in the first place, and my friend deserved better than to be around people who use sad insults and devalue and discriminate against people who are different or do not appeal to them. I sent a message to my friend to apologize to her that the post went on for so long. She told me that it was okay that it was interesting that we disagreed and that she was deleting the post so her boyfriend and others didn't keep it up. She also asked me not to insult her boyfriend where she could see. I wanted to mention that she obviously didn't warn him about insulting her friends (over and over). But I figure that it's really not worth losing the friendship over, even though it's quite irking.

O well! It's very interesting to see how people act and react when confronted with the idea that harassment and discrimination is wrong when it's so socially acceptable.

Big Smiles!


  1. :O!!!!!
    How can someone read what that guy says and... then say "dont insult my boyfriend"??
    He was insulting you while you were giving rational answers.
    But I guess it is a logical thing for a girl who joins a group like that (and get out with a guy like that)
    Seriously, you kept cool incredibly well! Ik it was me I would called him a lot of things.

    I <3 LOVE <3 the things you said. It cannot be more clear and logical and I understand it very well.

    Last Summer I went to work with a dress showing my legs to my knees and my best friend at work said I MUST wear black leggins to cover my fatty legs. Of course she used to wear very short dresses herself.
    I was so sad!
    I spent a lot of time wearing leggings below my knees under all my dresses!
    But then I realized it was HER problem. Some people need to free their minds...

  2. I was seriously questioning these fellows' abilities to understand the written word. I even explained things step by step to them and they were blind and def to it. O well.

    Never cover your legs! Be proud of them! Move them! Flaunt them! Dance with them bare! Your body is just as good and just as beautiful as anyone else's. And it is her problem. If she doesn't like your fabulous legs, she doesn't have to look!

  3. That entire thing is just horrible and for the record have you ever saw an underweight person in skinny jeans? They look Emo.

  4. Yeah. I really couldn't believe it.

    Why should anyone have the right to keep someone from wearing something anyway? Being fat doesn't mean we're not human.


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