Monday, November 22, 2010

Those Poor TSA Agents!

So I was just now reading about TSA horror stories... Passengers patted down and searched. One man (a bladder cancer survivor) being patted down and having the TSA agent spill his urostomy bag all over him, covering him in urine. And TSA agents ignoring when passengers try to relay medical issues. Not to mention the invasive scanners which, can sometimes be very revealing.

But, folks, let us remember that it's the TSA agents who get the real shitty end of the stick.

Yes, we passengers are stuck for hours and hours in lines, being searched, prodded, stripped, pushed about, patted down, and shoved into tiny airplane seats that we may or may not get to stay in depending on our size and how the airline feels on that particular day.

But while you're going through that remember that those poor TSA agents have to touch your fat.

"Even worse [than patting down non-fatties] is having to try and feel inside the flab rolls of obese passengers, and we seem to get a lot of obese passengers!"

I mean, really... what could be worse than touching a fat person? Nothing, that's what. I would rather be drowned in sewage than touch my own shameful, disgusting body. How dare we fatties fly and put TSA agents and other passengers through seeing, touching, and sitting near us!

Okay, not really. I think this person is, well, an asshole. That's your job, fool. Get over it. You don't want that job? Guess what? I'll gladly take it because I need the damn money. You don't like touching fat people? Don't get a job where you're going to have to be touching people at all. Seriously, it's like a prostitute complaining that he or she has to touch pussies and dicks. If you get a job touching people, don't complain you have to touch people... either shut up or get another job.

Honestly... I get that TSA agents have a hard job. I'm sure they get a lot of people complaining, a lot of people being jerks, and a lot of people wanting to be treated like royalty. It doesn't go that way, obviously. But, you know what? If you want something to complain about, complain about that, not that you have to touch people's bodies (fat or thin) in a job where all you do all fucking day is touch people's bodies.

Get over it.

Big Smiles!
-Lexie Di


  1. Oh I hope you didn't abandon the blog 'cos I just discovered you and I love the way you write!

  2. Thank you very much! I'm flattered. And, no. I'm still around. I write every now and then. I'll certainly make at least one post a month.

    Thank you so much for visiting!


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