Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quickie: Fat Ass Tunes!

So! Just moments ago, my boyfriend, the wonderful Keith, sent me a song that he thought I'd enjoy. Well, he's usually right and this time he was too.

Introducing, my new feel-good-when-I'm-down-on-my-body song!

Beautiful South singing Perfect 10!

"'Cause we love our love in different sizes.
I love her body especially the lies.
Time takes its toll, but not on the eyes.
Promise me this, take me tonight."

The only objection I have is the "anorexic" comment that is made. Thin women are just as beautiful as fat women. If he doesn't think so, that's okay.. but no need to call people anorexic without knowing them.

Anyway- Love everyone and enjoy!

Big Smiles!

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